The Iteso (or people of Teso) are a Nilotic ethnic group in eastern Uganda and western Kenya. Teso refers to the traditional homeland of the Iteso, and Ateso is their language.[4][5]

The population of the Iteso people is estimated to be 2,364,569 in Uganda, 417,670 in Kenya.

The Iteso People

The iteso people belog to the Nilotic group of people spanning over Uganda. Kenya and Sudan. Oral tradition and legend describes their migration to the fertile lands of eastern Uganda. According to the folklore, they migrated from Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) in the 16th century, navigating through regions before settling in the present day teso region. The iteso people are proud of their cultural diversity which includes rituals, music, dance and art.

• Iteso names
• The clan/ateker


The Apugan/cabinet business shall be chaired by the Ekirigi (Prime Minister) and will include the Ministers and Deputies. The Apugan/cabinet shall be assisted in its day to day duties by the Secretariate of the Union.

Composition of Cabinet

HH Emorimor

HH Papa Paul Sande Emolot Etomeileng

(2022 to date) crowned in October 2022

Prime Ministers

Rt. Hon. Michael Okwalinga-Emokol
Deputy Prime Minister, Diaspora Affairs.
Hon.Ikomolo Ikolil
Deputy Prime Minister /Minister for Agriculture


Hon. Davidson Elyau Ipiina Iwolioi
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hon. Okwi Constantine
Minister for Information and National Guidance
Hon. Ademun Stella Rose
Minister for Cabinet Affairs, ICU
Ajakait Grace Ikirimat
Minister of investment and institutional development ICU
Hon. Bishop Ebiau Bernard Bernard
Minister in charge of Religious and Divinity Affairs
Hon. Obilan Abubakar Umar
Minister of Education and Sports
Dr Gabriel Opolot Ononge de Mabior .(MbChB,BCeng)
Minister of Animal Industry

Deputy Ministers

Hon. Abdallah AZIZ Ochoggia
Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance,
Hon.Martha Acam Oliso
ICU Deputy Culture Minister
H. E. Margaret Aceger
ICU Deputy Foreign minister in the diaspora
Hon. Onyait Isaac
Deputy Security min
HE Ambassador Bismark Omoding...
Deputy Minister for Resource and Mobilization
Rev Hon Milton Barasa Masake
Deputy Minister for Religious and Divinity affairs

Cultural Ambassadors

Her Excellency Dr Agnes Vera Ikatekit Okonera
Ateker SADC Cultural Ambassador
His Excellency. Amb. Emoot David
Ateker Ambassador Republic Of South Africa
His Excellency. Amb. Chief/Dr. Samson Esudu

Einos Iteso Kopiten is founded on principles of mutual respect and consensus-building, with a mission to promote unity and cultural preservation..

1773 Soroti, Uganda,
+256 772 9233 11

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