In a move that sets an exemplary precedent for Ugandan leaders, Papa Emorimor Paul Sande Emolot Etomeilenge, the revered Iteso cultural leader, has taken part in the ongoing census exercise. This bold step not only demonstrates his commitment to the national endeavour but also encourages other leaders and all Ugandans to participate in the census process.

Papa Emorimor’s involvement in the census exercise sends a powerful message to the nation, emphasizing the importance of accurate data in shaping the country’s future. His leadership by example inspires others to follow suit, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive census that truly reflects the diversity of Uganda’s population.

Ateker and all Ugandans Let’s join Papa Emorimor in embracing this crucial national exercise and make our voices heard. Let’s count ourselves in and shape the future of our beloved nation together

Abdallah Ochoggia
Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance
Iteso Cultural Union

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