The Iteso people have continued to proudly promote their identity and heritage amidst prevailing rapid modernity, and globalization. This is seen the promotion of values, practices, story telling and community involvement. The establishment of ICU serves to uphold and promote the rich Iteso cultural values and her

a. Courtship(eisupane)
b. Examination stage (angicio na ateran)
c. Introduction (aitodiar
d. Boys family assessment(abilakinio)
e. Bride price delivery
f. Ainyamakin ateran

vi. Land marks of Teso
Teso is blessed to have a a range of historical and heritage sites. Some of them include:
• Nyero Rock paintings in Nyero sub county in Kumi district, near the border with Ngora district. They comprise three tiered rock shelter with primitive paintings on their inner surfaces. The site dates back to later iron age.

• Soroti rock. Is iconic granite stone and located in Soroti City (eastern Uganda). It sands 1730 metres tall above sea level , It has a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area.

• Lake Opeta Bisina (obtains its name from Abysinia where the Iteso migrated from )which is a unique water resources that is a source of a variety of over 1000 birds species such as the hornbill (esukusuk) which is feared to be under extinction (add a photo ). ………. Also the endemic fox weaver, shoebill, white-backed duck. This makes Bisina a great birding destination. Lake Opeta is believed to be the last remaining wetland between the drier Karamja in the north and wetter south.

• Kumi Hospital cave: it has an underground chamber which were once used as shelters during times of war. its also intriguing to know that it has connection to WWII were people sought refuge

• Kachumbala rock iceberg: located in Bukedea district

vii. Iteso dressing: The Iteso distinctive aesthetic sensibilities is reflected in their brilliant traditional clothing which is embellished with colorful beads , elaborate patterns and significant symbols.. they wear asuuka which is a wrapped cloth.

Einos Iteso Kopiten is founded on principles of mutual respect and consensus-building, with a mission to promote unity and cultural preservation..

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